On Underwear and “Being Old Enough”

Stick with me. I’m going to talk about underwear.

I have a pair of polka dotted underwear that has been driving me nuts. This pair was not cut correctly like the rest of the underwear in the package it came out of. (Yes, I buy my undies in a package at places like Target, Sears, or Wal-Mart. I’ve always been the highly practical and frugal type.)

So, the pair in question just isn’t comfy. After adjusting my undies while at my friend’s house yesterday, I told her that I finally decided I’m” old enough” to throw out this pair of underwear that I cannot stand wearing. She confided that she, too, had decided that day to throw out the holey pair she was wearing because she, too, had decided she was “old enough.”

I regret to say that even though I’m 40, a mom, have attended college for 6 years and gotten a BA and a Master degree, and have held plenty of jobs for respectable lengths of time, I still sometimes feel that I’m “not old enough” for certain things. (This is probably part of imposter syndrome?)

I threw out that polka dotted pair of undies last night. I am “old enough.”

Now on to other things I have decided I’m “old enough” to do:

Say no when I feel like an opportunity presented to me doesn’t mesh with my own or my family’s goals.

Swear when it’s actually warranted. (Like when I figure out I left my only pair of workout shoes with the expensive Superfeet inserts in them at the workout center I was at on Monday night. I went back for them. They were, of course, right where I had left them.)

Spend money on things that matter (furniture, classic pieces of clothing or footwear, etc.) that will last for a good, long while instead of always being cheap.

Get rid of things cluttering my house that aren’t being put to any good use without opining that “so and so gave it to me so I have to keep it.” (I’m a bit of a sentimental pack rat.)

Unfriend people I don’t really know and have never interacted with in person and will never interact with in person on that social media platform called Facebook. (If you’re reading this, I can assure you that you are not one of those people.)

Get partial highlights in my hair every now and again just because I want to.

Be the adult in situations that require me to be so that my son sees that his world has rules, limits, and accountability.

Have confidence in my decisions because heck, I’m me and I have to trust my judgment.

Laugh when my 5-year-old forgets to wear underwear under his sweatpants to school.

Love my husband and son more than any other humans on Earth.

Note: If you want a fun book to share with your kids that at some point includes underwear in it that has a good message, check out Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String by Bob Boyle. Another fun one that includes underwear and is purely meant for laughter is No! That’s Wrong by Zhaohua Ji.

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