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An Open [love] Letter to My Doctor

Open letters have been getting more and more attention lately, it seems. Instead of adding onto the angry open letters filling the media, I wanted to put a letter of love out instead. While expecting my third baby, there is one specific person who is constantly on my mind: I’m mourning. It’s been around a […]

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Gifting to New/Repeat Mamas

Recently I just had my 2nd baby and the love and support from friends and family has been wonderful. With having baby showers with my firstborn I didn’t really expect anything this time around, especially since we had another girl. Even just the smallest of gestures can brighten and aid a new mama and her […]

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Growing bellies don't come without side effects!

Baby Got Back (Pain)

What happened when I finally saw a chiropractor in my third trimester I have always been a worrier. As far back as I can remember, I have felt nervous about trying new things. Anything from taking a trip someplace new to taking a new medication was enough to make me bite my nails. This trepidation […]

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Why the Rush?

I am at the tail end of my pregnancy, forty weeks this Thursday to be exact. I am uncomfortable, waddling and ready… I think. Being a second pregnancy it seems to have flown by. I have been so inundated with work, my toddler, and running the household that I haven’t had much time. This time around […]

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Ashley 12

Delivery Packing 101

As my 2nd pregnancy is close to the end and I am progressively waddling at this point, I realize I need to pack my hospital bag before it’s too late. It has been 3 years since I had do this and I have learned from what I over packed or mistakenly didn’t pack the first […]

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The first time. I knew so little!

I’m Carrying So Much More This Time

Pregnancy is so different the second time. As a mom who is blessed with many mom-friends, I expected that my second pregnancy would be different than my first. Even so, I was unprepared for how significantly different my experience would be. I’m carrying so much more this time. Not just in the literal sense of […]

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