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We Need to Talk

A few months ago, I attended a small regional conference here in Madison for the first time, and was not at all surprised to find I was one of very few people of color present, as I often am. The keynote speaker was a former colleague, who was speaking on behalf of the Madison Police […]

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Can I Just Hold You Forever?

My kids are going to be seven years old in about a month. I’m pretty sure one of them has exceeded the 50-pound mark, and it’s the one who was just barely over six pounds when he was born. The “small one.” Now, I can just manage to lift them up off the ground for […]

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It’s Not What I Thought it Would Be-It’s Better

This time last year I announced that our family would be adopting a child with Down syndrome. I think back to that time and realize just how much I’ve learned since then. In preparation for such a huge transition, I did as much research as I could, connected with moms in the community, and became part […]

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Why You Should Keep Score to Save Your Marriage

Experts agree that kids are tough on marriages. I mean DUH. Kids are tough on anything—walls, furniture, hardwood floors, the knees of nice pants. It makes sense that marriage would also be trampled by what my friend calls these little “ids in cool sneakers.” My husband and I keep track of who does what when, […]

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Melted Butter: Owning My Mess

On a recent Friday when my son did not have school, we had a set agenda we’d decided on together the night before: bake cookies, play with a friend, workout (for me!), ride our bikes (nearly 7 miles round trip in 90 degree weather) to get frozen yogurt, and watch a requested movie.  Nowhere in […]

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Sundara Inn & Spa | Giveaway

Last week I had the opportunity to escape to Sundara Inn & Spa for an overnight with a couple of my best girlfriends! To say it was amazing would be a complete understatement. My girlfriend arrived a few minutes before I did and texted me “Just got here. I’m never leaving.” and from the minute […]

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Our Birth Stories :: A Common Bond for Moms

Is there anything a group of moms loves chatting about more than their birth stories? It’s a bond many of us moms share- we love to sit around talking about c sections, water breaking and baby sizes. Comparing notes on how we knew we were in labor. How frazzled was your spouse? Were you cleaning […]

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Ask a SAHD: Do you ever have dad guilt?

Ask A Stay-At-Home Dad: Do You Ever Have Dad Guilt?

When I joined the Madison Mom’s Blog writing community, I wanted to ensure my blog posts were relevant for all of you. So I asked my fellow MMB contributors what they would like to read about from a stay-at-home dad’s perspective. They provided me with some awesome questions, and I plan to answer them over […]

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Family Safety Day at Wilde East Towne Honda

Wilde East Towne Honda is hosting its 3rd Annual FREE Child Safety Event on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 10:00am-4:00pm. This awesome community event is open to the public and a great opportunity to enjoy free food and entertainment, in addition to learning valuable safety information. In partnership with Operation KidSafe, this event is designed to […]

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