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HELP! My Daughter Is No Longer a Child!

Yesterday was a normal day. That is, until it wasn’t. Until I heard the most upsetting, most nerve-wracking, most insane thing. I heard something no mother is ever prepared to hear.  I heard from a reliable source (her doctor) that my daughter, my sweet baby, had started PUBERTY!!!  Oh my gosh, I played it SOOOOO […]

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I’m sitting in the doctor’s office for my first ever prenatal visit. The nurse is going through the standard questions and inquires about my family history. I tell her everything I know and sit back to wait for the next set of instructions. But she doesn’t move on. She looks at me and asks, “And […]

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food allergy mom

The Lonely Life of a Food Allergy Mom

There’s one part of every kid birthday party I hate: the food part. It’s always pizza and cake, and usually my son doesn’t care that he can’t have any. He eats his meal before the party, and I bring his dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, peanut-free cupcake in a little Tupperware. But during the last party we […]

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5 Lifesaving Mom Hacks from a Soon-To-Be Mom of Three

As I approach my third time around at this baby thing, I realized there’s a few things we do around here that would have SHOCKED my first-time mom self. I thought I’d share the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired. While they may not be actually life saving, these tips may very well save your sanity, […]

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The Sign of a Healthy Childhood

This spring, my fourth child had an unfortunate incident involving a trampoline that resulted in a dislocated and fractured elbow. It was painful and somewhat traumatic and not at all what we would want for anyone. He needed surgery to repair the damage and has weeks left of being in a splint and some occupational therapy […]

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The whole family!

I Want to Be a Hot Mom

I have always wanted to lose weight. Always. I remember being 12 years old and wanting to lose weight because I was heavier than most of the other girls in sixth grade. I think I weighed 120 pounds. I wish I could weigh that again. There was a golden summer when, at 17, I felt […]

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I’m a Smom. What’s Your Superpower?

Teleportation, invisibility, shapeshifting, telekinesis, fire throwing, aquatic respiration…. At some point, many of us have considered which superpower we would choose if we could have one. I’ve always gone with invisibility or teleportation depending on my mood. Go anywhere, be unseen – love it! However, being a stellar stepmom (smom) was not on my short […]

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I Made You Cry Today

I made you cry today. I knew it was coming. The two-hour hustle between work and bedtime was more than I could handle. Your dad had to work late, so I tackled two daycare pickups, nursed your crying baby sister while trying to get dinner on your plate, and gave both of you baths. By […]

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Ultimate Summer Bucket List | Madison

Take in a Concert on the Square, every Wednesday at 7pm from June 28-August 2! Indulge in some Babcock Dairy ice cream at the Memorial Union Terrace Enjoy Camp Randall Movie NightCamp Randall Movie Night on June 29th. UW Arboretum: So many different ways for your children to explore and learn about nature. Plus, another great picture opportunity for the budding […]

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Butterfly decorations I bought years ago that I always intended for my daughter(s) and can't seem to get rid of.

Living the Dream, Just Not the One I Imagined

I always imagined I would have at least one daughter. My fondness for make-up, dresses, jewelry, and hair styling would surely be giddily shared with and passed on to a girl of my own. I would dress her up in adorable, frilly, pastel-colored outfits and paint her nails to match mine. I would braid her […]

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