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To the Baby I Never Got to Celebrate

  In my thirties, I resolved to be a better hostess, so I started having more parties. This was hard for me because I generally don’t like messes and am not a naturally welcoming person. Like, someone comes to my house, and my first inclination is to block the entrance with my body and chat […]

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“What’s Your Name?” Another Tale of Speech Delay

We’ve all heard of that cousin that didn’t talk until he was three. Or know of a mom who lost months of sleep worrying about her late talker. We’ve witnessed how a toddler can go from one-word sentences to oh-my-god-he-won’t-stop-talking overnight. But what about the mom who listened to these stories, but things just aren’t […]

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Stop Sign

Dear Parents: Stop Saying This Word

Recently I’ve been talking to a friend of mine who is in the process of becoming a life coach. We’ve talked about many things, but one of the most eye opening discoveries has been how often I use one particular word. I use it to describe my life from many years ago, I use it […]

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child art

Another Pretty Picture

Children’s artwork. You know what I am talking about. You pick your kid up from daycare – only to be greeted with a stack of original masterpieces done by your two-year-old. You open your kid’s backpack after school and papers come exploding out. A drawing of your family. A drawing of a mermaid. (Or if […]

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2017 Spring Break Camps and Activities

Spring Break is fast approaching! If you don’t have plans yet, here is a guide to help you stay busy and enjoy your break with the family. While there are several camp options to enroll your kids in, there are also everyday locations definitely worth checking out.  *Be sure to also check our March Activity […]

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Land of Nod, storage containers, image Google search.

Spring Cleaning + Organizing 101

As an organizational enthusiast, I derive great joy from having a place for everything and everything in said place. Knowing where things are saves time. Well thought-out, attractive spaces are nice to look at (Hello, Pinterest and Houzz?) And for me, clear space helps clear my mind. Admittedly, I can take neatness to the extreme, […]

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A Letter To My FUR-st Baby

Happily exhausted, I rocked my newborn in her nursery for the very first time. We had just gotten home from the hospital and through the whirlwind of a C-section, learning to nurse and lack of sleep, I hadn’t had much time to think about you… my 10-year old, sweet, spoiled, Papillon dog. Dad had gone […]

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A Thank-You Note to the Car Nap

Dear Car Nap, Thank you. Thank you, for allowing my children to sleep on the days or nights when they refuse to do so in their beds no matter how softly I soothe, hard I fight, or attempt to ignore. Thank you for providing them the perfect cocktail of white noise and soothing vibration which […]

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