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Helping Kids Understand Down Syndrome

When Kennedy was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome, one of the first things we did was ask about ways to explain Down syndrome to our then 7 year old nephew and 10 year old niece. It is important to us that they understand what Down syndrome is and more importantly what it may mean […]

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Headphones podacsts

9 Podcasts for New Listeners

I LOVE podcasts. I started listening to them in my pre-baby days and now three years into my life as a stay-at-home mom, I have continued to listen and expand my regular shows. I listen to them while I exercise, make dinner, drive my girls around town, and while cleaning the house during nap time. […]

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The perpetual state of my nightstand.

Favorite Reads 2016 – Book Recommendations!

If I had to choose only one hobby for the rest of my life it would be reading. My degree was Secondary English Education, which I only used for a short time before staying home with my children, but I still love literature, learning through written word, and then talking about it! Actually, as a stay-at-home […]

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Loving Me Photo

This Valentine’s Day I’m Loving Me

This new journey of parenthood is filled with many ups and downs, but the joy and happiness that is in your heart from this beautiful creation makes it all worth it. You develop a love, so deep, deeper than the connection with your partner, more than the love you have for a parent figure, and […]

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Our daughter and Mr. Mike Moh at Moh's Martial Arts in Waunakee.

Why My Daughter Does Taekwondo

“Time to get ready for Taekwondo!” My daughters eyes light up as she peels off her high heels, crown and whatever princess dress she has chosen to wear that particular day and quickly puts on her little white Taekwondo uniform. Though this has been a “norm” for us twice a week since we started class […]

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Kilkus (28)

The Parental Alliance

It was mere days into our journey as new parents to our twin boys that I realized my partner is indispensable. We have all heard that the instances of divorce are notably higher amongst couples with multiple children, such as twins, triplets, or more, because of the incredible added strain of caring for multiple children. […]

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To the Moms Freaking Out About Preschool Enrollment

It’s preschool application season, and we all know what that means. Countless tours of adorable buildings with tiny bathrooms. Endless scrutinizing of daily schedules printed on girds and the corresponding tuition sheet that goes with them. A million Google searches of key terms like Play-based,” “Reggio Emilia,” and “Montessori.” And, mostly, STRESS. When my oldest […]

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Why Everyone Should Have a Babysitting Co-op

Why Everyone Should Have a Babysitting Co-op

We all know that date nights are important. And it’s amazing how having regularly scheduled date nights can help to see each other as people, rather than the roommate who helps keep the kids safe. But they can get so expensive! A babysitter in conjunction with a movie, dinner, the theatre, or whatever all add up […]

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