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Gifting to New/Repeat Mamas

Recently I just had my 2nd baby and the love and support from friends and family has been wonderful. With having baby showers with my firstborn I didn’t really expect anything this time around, especially since we had another girl. Even just the smallest of gestures can brighten and aid a new mama and her […]

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5 Tips for Super Early Risers

When we brought our twins home from the NICU we were somewhat prepared for the sleepless nights of infancy. What we were less prepared for was what happened in the sixth or seventh month. At this point our girls were still waking at least once (often twice) for a bottle or comfort, but then they […]

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my universe

Happy Birthday, Dear Baby

Dear Baby, Tonight, at just a hair past seven o’clock on this last day of the year, you completed your first full revolution around the sun. It goes without saying that a lot has happened since the dawn of time in our new world together. You’ve slept through a considerable chunk of it, while I’ve been awake for more than I’d like. […]

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When The Sunshine Is Gone

I hate Tuesdays. It’s a newfound hate. Like rain for some, Mondays for others, or certain holidays. Weeks ago I was awakened on a Tuesday morning with my daughters’ frantic voices coming from our living room. “Why are there 6 cop cars parked outside?” My blurry brained self was instantly awake. I was shaking as […]

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2017 Parenting Resolutions

Stop yelling at my kids: LOL j/k j/k j/k j/k. If I don’t yell at them HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHEN I’M UNHAPPY? Seriously, though, I try not to make resolutions that I know I won’t keep, so let’s say only yell at my kids when I am really, really mad.   Try not to […]

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Top 15 of 2016 | Madison Moms Blog

Top 15 Posts of 2016 | Madison Moms Blog 2016 was another fun year for us at Madison Moms Blog! Since our launch in 2013, we have published (literally) thousands of articles written by local moms in our community. Some topics are lighthearted, some more serious, some funny, some resourceful - but all are written [...]
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Happiness Doesn’t Have Just One Address

Hand in hand, my husband, daughter and I walked into our home for the last time. Our furniture was gone, the pictures that filled our walls packed away. After weeks of putting our things into boxes, the day had finally arrived for us to close a chapter of our lives and say goodbye to our […]

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Stop and Smell Your Baby

As I sit here drinking my second cup of decaf coffee (my baby’s tummy didn’t react well to caffeine or dairy), I want to share with you a few things that have been on my mind since becoming a mom.  Let me first give you a short bio on my child to better understand why […]

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A Girl and Her Dog

Before I was a parent, I had a dog. It’s a story you’ve probably heard before. The dog was my baby, blah, blah, blah. He went everywhere with me – work, errands, road trips. His patience always rewarded with a toss of the ball wherever we could fit it in. He went to “doggy daycare” twice […]

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My Pregnant Body is Not Available for Your Commentary

Dear Lady at my Child’s Swim Class, My pregnant body is not available for your commentary. When you noticed me helping my child shower off after swim class, wearing my awkward maternity swimsuit, and waddling around the locker room, you decided to enter into a very blunt conversation on my physical state. Upon discovering when […]

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