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The perpetual state of my nightstand.

Favorite Reads 2016 – Book Recommendations!

If I had to choose only one hobby for the rest of my life it would be reading. My degree was Secondary English Education, which I only used for a short time before staying home with my children, but I still love literature, learning through written word, and then talking about it! Actually, as a stay-at-home […]

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To the Moms Freaking Out About Preschool Enrollment

It’s preschool application season, and we all know what that means. Countless tours of adorable buildings with tiny bathrooms. Endless scrutinizing of daily schedules printed on girds and the corresponding tuition sheet that goes with them. A million Google searches of key terms like Play-based,” “Reggio Emilia,” and “Montessori.” And, mostly, STRESS. When my oldest […]

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Why Everyone Should Have a Babysitting Co-op

Why Everyone Should Have a Babysitting Co-op

We all know that date nights are important. And it’s amazing how having regularly scheduled date nights can help to see each other as people, rather than the roommate who helps keep the kids safe. But they can get so expensive! A babysitter in conjunction with a movie, dinner, the theatre, or whatever all add up […]

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Lonely and Alone: Tribeless in a New City

I spent last evening in the company of two incredibly smart, kind women. We drank wine, ate fancy sushi, talked about our families and politics and laughed about our lives. These women are supportive. They are kind. They are funny and silly and successful and encouraging. Their friendships have been a lifeline to me, a […]

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13 Practical Ways To Make The World Greener

13 Practical Ways to Make the World Greener

I’ve always been an eco-conscious person. But it seems like climate change has been especially in the public eye for the last week or so. From WBUR’s On Point, to the website Scary Mommy, there’s been a lot of people warning us about how important this topic is, and what some of the consequences could […]

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my universe

Happy Birthday, Dear Baby

Dear Baby, Tonight, at just a hair past seven o’clock on this last day of the year, you completed your first full revolution around the sun. It goes without saying that a lot has happened since the dawn of time in our new world together. You’ve slept through a considerable chunk of it, while I’ve been awake for more than I’d like. […]

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