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13 Practical Ways to Make the World Greener

I’ve always been an eco-conscious person. But it seems like climate change has been especially in the public eye for the last week or so. From WBUR’s On Point, to the website Scary Mommy, there’s been a lot of people warning us about how important this topic is, and what some of the consequences could […]

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my universe

Happy Birthday, Dear Baby

Dear Baby, Tonight, at just a hair past seven o’clock on this last day of the year, you completed your first full revolution around the sun. It goes without saying that a lot has happened since the dawn of time in our new world together. You’ve slept through a considerable chunk of it, while I’ve been awake for more than I’d like. […]

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The Dumpster Fire of 2016- Moving On To An Amazing 2017

A Dumpster Fire is defined by the Urban Dictionary as 1. A complete disaster and 2. Something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with. Sound like your 2016? Anyone, even an optimist such as myself, can admit that 2016 was a tough year. Between the growing division in our country surrounding the election and its […]

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2017 Parenting Resolutions

Stop yelling at my kids: LOL j/k j/k j/k j/k. If I don’t yell at them HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHEN I’M UNHAPPY? Seriously, though, I try not to make resolutions that I know I won’t keep, so let’s say only yell at my kids when I am really, really mad.   Try not to […]

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Going Automatic in Meal Planning

About a month ago, I went with some girlfriends to hear Kimberly Zahasky of The Professional Optimist speak about loving ourselves. Part of the talk was spent on how we spend our time. She told us to focus and spend our time on the things that we love, eliminate things we hate and can live […]

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Dressember: It’s More than a Dress

Have you heard of Dressember? I first heard of it a few years back and have watched as it gained more and more momentum. In just three years as a campaign, what started as one woman’s personal challenge has become an international movement in which thousands of women have come together and raised more than […]

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Toofy, the Elf on the Shelf who Celebrates Hanukkah

How does a nice Jewish girl from Illinois find herself nearly buried under an avalanche of plastic tubs stuffed with Christmas ornaments searching in vain for a rogue Elf on the Shelf in a cold Wisconsin basement? I asked myself this very question after Thanksgiving when we walked through our door weary with holiday travel and […]

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Rethink Thanksgiving

The title of an email that popped in my box this week was “Rethink Thanksgiving.” The eventual subject of the email turned out to be a using a non-brining method to cook your turkey and new twists on other classic Thanksgiving recipes like making a pumpkin tart instead of pie. I was expecting a whole […]

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Advocating for the Orphan

Adoption has changed our lives. It’s made our home so much more full – more colorful, more joyful – it’s made our hearts more full than we could imagine. When my son was placed in my arms for the first time, every doubt and fear was washed away by the flood of certainty that he […]

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