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Adoption | Part II of III

My journey through infertility led my husband and I to adoption. We started looking at books, reading online, talking to people, and calling adoption agencies. The information available is overwhelming and you feel like you are trying to navigate through muddy water with your eyes wide open. You are excited again about the idea of becoming a […]

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Family Planning & the Gift of Life

You know that feeling, when you both decide you’re finally done having kids? That weight off your shoulders, its a bitter-sweet feeling. My husband and I made that final decision a few months ago. We have twin boys that are 2.5 years old. I always pictured us with two boys, and here we are… we […]

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Our Domestic Adoption Journey – Part 2

First off, wow! I am completely humbled by the positive responses and supportive words regarding Part 1 (which you can read HERE) of our Domestic Adoption Journey.  Sharing our story is always one that you hope will be welcomed with open arms and you guys definitely didn’t disappoint. For that I want to say thank […]

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The Broken Road to Parenthood

April is Infertility Awareness Month and while my struggle with infertility is now behind me, I still felt compelled to share my journey with those who may be in the heat of the battle. Infertility is very real (1 in 8 couples are affected by it). Infertility is extremely unforgiving and unfair. While it’s part […]

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Our Domestic Adoption Journey – Part 1

I wish I would have seen more stories and heard more advice before we started our adoption journey in September, 2009. While it doesn’t define me, or the relationships I have with my kids, it is how God chose to make me a Mom and one I’m thankful for everyday.  And honestly, even after all of […]

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How One Plus One Becomes Seven

My journey to motherhood began the moment I understood that little girls could be Mommies, too…even if it was to a bald, raggedy Cabbage Patch doll. My instinctual drive to mother was sharpened throughout childhood, and I “blessed” my younger brother with the opportunity to have two moms. Life moved along and I married the […]

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Infertility: What To Say and What NOT To Say

Last summer I shared about my infertility journey. At that time we were undergoing fertility treatments with hopes of conceiving our second child. On September 11th, 2013 I found out I was pregnant and on October 3rd (a day I will never forget), we found out we were expecting baby number two AND baby number […]

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