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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  With October being ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ I think it’s safe to say almost every one of us has been effected by cancer at some point in our lives. It became a passion of mine ten years ago, when my Grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer, to work with woman who are dealing with the […]

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Straight talk…

You have heard about them before, flat-irons, chemical hair straighteners, and blow-out styles but what do they all mean? I am here to set the record straight and tell you what really works for all hair types! Flat-irons are a simple tool used to smooth the cuticle of the hair or take curly hair from […]

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Fashionable Fall

  Hooray, fall is on its way!  Time to crack out your favorite comfort gear.  In all the seasons for fashion, fall is by far my favorite.  I LOVE boots, scarves, layers, vests… I just love it all.  Also, it’s a welcomed break from worrying if your leg cellulite is showing, if your pits have a […]

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