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I Do What I Want

“Hey, congrats on the new little girl! So exciting! You guys are crazy… I mean in a good way. Wow!” Since announcing plans to adopt our sixth child, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and enthusiasm that we have received. Honestly, I was prepared for at least a few not so […]

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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Normally, when I think of October, I think of cross country season. This year is different. Recently I became aware that it is Down syndrome Awareness month. Here are a few things that I have learned so far: Down syndrome is characterized by someone who has three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two. Always put the […]

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You’re the Boss

I’ve been hearing some talk lately about babysitters. Complaints, really, from moms who leave their children with seemingly competent teenagers only to be shocked by the state of their house upon their return. There is no greater buzz-kill than coming home from a fun evening with your husband only to spend a half an hour cleaning up […]

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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

I have had a change of heart when it comes to sleepovers. This can happen when you have been parenting for almost nineteen years and you have many more to go. When our oldest boys were in elementary school we had lots and lots of sleepovers. There was a time in which we had very close family […]

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The Help We Need

When we brought home our youngest son, Max, from China last year, we knew that he would need some medical care. But we didn’t know exactly what he would need until we had him evaluated back in the States. We are so fortunate to be living only minutes away from an amazing children’s hospital with a […]

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What I Know Now

I have a kid graduating high school this spring. My husband and I successfully kept another human alive from the moment of his birth to his 18th birthday and on to graduation! Woohoo! Actually, I think we did a decent job if I do say so myself. We learned so much from our guinea pig first born, […]

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Keeping it Clean for the Kids

I don’t swear in front of my kids. I am exceptionally good at modifying my speech to fit my audience. It’s a gift, really. If someone cuts me off in traffic and I’ve got a kid in the car, you’ll hear nothing but appropriate language. If I’m by myself, well, as long as the windows […]

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Unsolicited Advice- A new way to handle it

It began over eighteen years ago a week after my first child was born when I first heard from a perfect stranger, “Put a hat on that baby, he’s going to get cold.” (It was 85 degrees in August). It hasn’t let up since. Over the years I have tolerated the advice of strangers, acquaintances and […]

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Where’s My Diploma?

Over ten years ago my husband began working toward his MBA. While we knew this would be a challenge with three small boys at the time, we also knew with every year he waited it would be more and more challenging as the kids grew older. He met with his class every other Friday and Saturday (taking […]

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