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Let’s not get into politics here, but let’s do talk about exercising your right to vote. So many people sacrificed for this over so many years and for so many reasons, don’t waste it. This opportunity to shape your life as a citizen has more impact than you know. Yes, it’s a right as an […]

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Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Really Exist

I mean that in the nicest possible way, I really do. I know we’re all trying for (also see: stressing about) that ideal balance of things. It also just so happens that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about going to yoga (please note, I’ve not been actually going to yoga – more on that […]

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Wait, You’re How Old?

I keep asking myself this question, as I’m sure all of you have at some point. So many questions really. Where did the time go? Will it always move this fast and this slow? Does my mom feel the same way about me? And my grandma too? How in the world did they deal with […]

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Moving with Littles

Whether moving across town, across state lines, or across the country, it’s a stressful time and if you have a spouse and little ones in the mix too, then you have your hands full (per usual)! Whatever the reason for the move, there are some tips and tricks to get through it all with your […]

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