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I Just Don’t Get It

    Well, it’s official. I have reached a new status in road of motherhood. No, I am not referring to the fact that my 10- year -old now ransacks my closet to steal my clothes. (If only this worked the other way around too.) I am talking about are the words now being uttered […]

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When The Sunshine Is Gone

I hate Tuesdays. It’s a newfound hate. Like rain for some, Mondays for others, or certain holidays. Weeks ago I was awakened on a Tuesday morning with my daughters’ frantic voices coming from our living room. “Why are there 6 cop cars parked outside?” My blurry brained self was instantly awake. I was shaking as […]

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A Superhero in Me

I’m sitting here at the computer, it’s 10 in the morning and my daughter is sleeping off last night’s all-night party. By that, I mean she is sleeping off getting up every 30 minutes running to the bathroom to throw up from some sort of stomach bug. Sounds like fun, right? Truthfully, I think my […]

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