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What I Want My Kids to Know About Life

“There are going to be times when people aren’t always nice to you.” The words flowed out of my mouth matter of factly and without much pre-thought. My four year olds face crumpled up and she looked at me with watery eyes. “What do you mean, Mom? WHO won’t be nice?” Oh, to be four […]

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Love Like a Mother

Lately I’ve been viewing the world through jaded eyes. I’ve been feeling at a loss about all the events going on in our country. I’ve been completely and utterly bewildered by the fact that racism could still possibly exist in the 21st century. I’m shocked that anyone would ever want to shoot a police officer. […]

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My Plea for Less Sanctimony & More Love

I woke up today to more sad news. I could literally feel my heart breaking in two while I read the news of an alligator attacking a 2 year old child. I hugged my kiddos tightly and thanked God for their innocence and for another day on earth with the three little ones who make […]

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We LOVE The Little Gym!

*The content of this post is sponsored by TLG Middleton & TLG Fitchburg. We would not recommend or promote a business who we did not have a wonderful experience with or that would not add value to our readers! The thoughts and feelings are our own.Strength. Joy. Balance. Coordination. Trust. Learning. Confidence. Independence. Friendship. With young kids […]

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Freshly Picked | Giveaway

We received a pair of moccasins to review for this sponsored post/giveaway. But the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share brands that we personally use & love! If you are anything like me, finding shoes for your toddler is tough. Shoes stay on my 1 1/2 year olds feet for approximately […]

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20 Holiday Traditions for Kids

Do you remember that magical feeling that you got as a child? That feeling that overtook you at the mere mention of Christmas? The anticipation of all the fun leading up to the big day and the countdown?! Every morning my sisters and I would rush out of bed and open a piece of chocolate […]

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The Day We Were Followed

It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning here in Madison… quite possibly the last beautiful day until March! I had a list with about a million things to do so I sent my kids to the park with our nanny. I work from home, so I have a nanny who comes by a couple days a […]

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Senseless Violence in America

This morning I woke up to the sound of my 18 month old crying. I went through the motions of stumbling out of bed and getting him out of his crib (while I was still feeling half asleep), changing his diaper and feeding him breakfast. I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and saw that […]

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