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Dressember: It’s More than a Dress

Have you heard of Dressember? I first heard of it a few years back and have watched as it gained more and more momentum. In just three years as a campaign, what started as one woman’s personal challenge has become an international movement in which thousands of women have come together and raised more than […]

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Tell Us What You Think: 2016 MMB Reader Survey

Thank you for being a part of our online community: We want your feedback! We can hardly believe we are in our fourth year since we first launched Madison Moms Blog. The growth, the connections, the community we have experienced have far exceeded our expectations. In 2016 we have had over a million page views and have hosted thousands at our […]

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Toofy, the Elf on the Shelf who Celebrates Hanukkah

How does a nice Jewish girl from Illinois find herself nearly buried under an avalanche of plastic tubs stuffed with Christmas ornaments searching in vain for a rogue Elf of the Shelf in a cold Wisconsin basement? I asked myself this very question after Thanksgiving when we walked through our door weary with holiday travel and […]

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When Your Cool Goes Bye-Bye

When you have had enough of the day and more than enough of the repetition that motherhood seems to require and you finally blow your top and scream at a dancing someone to go to the bathroom like you already told him twice because the absolute last thing you need right now in addition to, like, […]

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It Won’t Always Be Like This

“You got this, mama.” They were words from a stranger, delivered with a supportive smile while I was hauling my two screaming little boys out of the zoo park. I had one wriggling, red-faced kid under each arm, a (third?) hand on the stroller, sweaty armpits, and very, very little patience left. The comment jolted […]

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Learning to Love… The Interests of Your Children

Looking back at my own childhood I know there were some toys and things that I was into that I am sure my parents shook their head at wondering “why?” Popples? Garbage Pail Kids? With my own children, I have only started to see some of these phenomenons. Shopkins anyone? Squinkies?  As my eldest daughter […]

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Talking To Under-Fives About Election Results

The people of the United States of America were just given the opportunity to vote for our next President. Somebody got the job, and somebody didn’t. There have been smiles, there have been hugs, there have been tears, and most notably there has been anger from people on both sides. And our kids have heard a […]

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A Madison Mom’s Guide to December 2016

If you are looking for a guide to keep you and your family entertained, we have got you covered! We’ve started a monthly events guide to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening around Madison. Here are this month’s “need to know” activities. Further happenings, such as library events, open play/jump/swim, and ongoing Madison Children’s […]

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