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Finding the ISH

In December of 2014, our third child was born. A chubby bundle of adorableness whose smile lights up a room, and whose sheer determination makes her a force to be reckoned with. It’s certainly different the third time around. It’s not that I am a pro at this parenting thing, it’s just I have had […]

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A Mama Pick Me Up

Hey – all my fellow mama friends! As I have gotten older I have become more confident in who I am as a person and a mama, however it goes without saying that I am not immune to having some hard days. In fact recently I was really feeling down in the dumps about myself […]

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Family and Mental Illness: Awareness as Mothers

As mothers, we are presented with information and screening information on Postpartum Depression after we give birth. Our physicians may also let our partners/spouses know warning signs for postpartum depression. However, as mothers, we don’t know whether or not 10, 15, or 20+ years from now we may be navigating mental illness and mental health concerns […]

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Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? If not, have no fear I can fill you in. This campaign launched in 2014 by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). The teal pumpkin shows your house is participating in offering non-food treats. Don’t worry if you still want to have candy you can do both, […]

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Why Ya Gotta Be So Cruel?

My almost-4 –year-old started preschool up again last month. When I picked him up on the playground, instead of running gleefully into my arms like he hadn’t seen me in 3 hours, he ran the OPPOSITE direction screaming, “HELP! Get away from me! I don’t want to see you!” like I was a monster coming […]

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event team

OPEN CALL :: Join Our Event Team!

Do you love attending our events and sharing the excitement with your friends? WE WANT YOU! We are looking for dedicated readers who will help promote and work behind-the-scenes to create events that moms won’t want to miss! Email [email protected] and if you are chosen we will contact you with more details! Time Commitment: Each event will […]

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Why I live every day as if it were my last

I have a tattoo on my ankle that I’ve had since I was nineteen. It was one of those impulsive things I did because I was young and stupid. It’s not that I don’t like tattoos, it’s just that this particular tattoo had no meaning to me. I just did it to have one.  It […]

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Madison Playground Review :: Our City Parks

By Jessica Becker Jessica Becker is a community outreach professional raising two daughters with her husband in an old house on an isthmus. She wakes early to practice yoga, cooks dinner for her family, bikes most places she goes, and believes that happiness is a life skill. She engages creatively with people and places and […]

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Birthday Treats at School: A Mom’s Plea

Picture this for a second… You’re picking your child up from school or daycare, and you hear that the class celebrated a birthday that day. The birthday girl’s mom brought cupcakes, and everyone had one after lunch. Well—everyone except your child. Your child sat at the table with everyone else. He sang Happy Birthday with everyone […]

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A Little Black Dress Affair | Recap

We had a wonderful evening celebrating fall fashion at Hilldale with our event on September 23rd :: A Little Black Dress Affair. Women from throughout the Madison area came together to enjoy exclusive discounts, LBD cupcakes, a mix & mingle and a fashion show. We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening and if […]

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