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Supporting the Madison Reading Project

Have you heard about the good the Madison Reading Project has been doing this year? The Madison Reading Project is a rising star in the literacy education and support movement in Madison. Their mission is “to help increase literacy rates in Dane County vulnerable children and encourage a love for reading” (taken from the Madison Reading Project […]

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Family Planning & the Gift of Life

You know that feeling, when you both decide you’re finally done having kids? That weight off your shoulders, its a bitter-sweet feeling. My husband and I made that final decision a few months ago. We have twin boys that are 2.5 years old. I always pictured us with two boys, and here we are… we […]

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2015 Farms, Pumpkin Patches & Orchards :: Madison Area

Apple / Pumpkin Picking How can I live in Wisconsin and not mention all of the awesome local Farms and Orchards? One of my favorite fall activities is apple picking and pumpkin picking– and luckily, there are lots of places to do that right around Madison. There are so many farms and orchards in the […]

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You Know You’re a Madison Mom When…

Your kids think that all cheese is supposed to ‘squeak’. You just went into labor, BUT the Packers are in overtime… Or maybe THAT’S what PUT you in labor! You know that Babcock and ice cream are synonymous. You can’t decide which ‘kid-friendly’ brewery to take your kids to this weekend. Your kids think that ‘dining […]

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Tips From Teachers to Parents

My daughter is starting 3k this year and though I’m excited for her, I am also having a lot of feelings on this new phase.  I’m sad she’s growing up so fast, worried, nervous, excited, anxious and the list goes on!  But I’m putting all of these emotions aside, as best as I can, and […]

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The Seventeenth Radish :: Why We LOVE It!

About a year ago I learned about a new business, The Seventeenth Radish, opening in Verona. I decided to check it out and immediately loved what I saw. A warm, welcoming facility with friendly faces and programs for children ages 1-5. My oldest had just turned 2 and I was looking for a regular activity […]

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Black Hills Road Trip – What To See

Ahhhh… the quintessential family road trip! You either love it or you hate it! Fortunately, my family loves it! I’ve always loved a good road trip and have never shied away from a little time in the car. With a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old you never know what kind of surprises you may have in […]

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