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Dear Elf on the Shelf,

Dear Elf on the Shelf, Now that Christmas is a mere few weeks away, you will no doubt be arriving at the houses of many boys and girls.  You have already been at the end cap of the Target aisle for a month now, with your smiling face, just begging for parents to take you […]

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Thankful moms {part 1}

Katy and I were inspired to write about what we are thankful for in our lives. Like so many of you, we found that as cliche as it may sound-we have so much to be thankful for. One of the things I find myself being grateful for is the community of women I am a […]

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2015 Madison Area Holiday Roundup

2015 Madison Moms Blog Holiday Gift Guide :: Shop LOCAL! 2015 Madison Guide to Holiday Events Madison Area Tree Farms 20 Holiday Traditions for Kids Ideas to Inspire Holiday Photos Healthy Holiday Snacks 8 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas Coping with Holiday Stress Winter Bucket List: Madison Edition Ways to Give Back :: Dane County

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Giving Back in Dane County

In preparation for this holiday season of new gifts, let’s all take a moment to see where our unused items can go. You may have new or gently used items that are taking up space in your home or simply collecting dust. Where in our area can you donate them? I did a little homework and […]

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A Special Companion

A few years ago my younger brother embarked on a journey that would change his life forever. He took on a beautiful golden retriever named Lola with the sole purpose of training her to become a service dog someday. While he wasn’t particularly experienced as a dog trainer, he opened his heart and soul to […]

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Madison Moms Blog Holiday Gift Guide 2015

We’re so excited to bring you our first ever holiday gift guide, featuring some of our absolute FAVORITE local shops and businesses! Below, you’ll find 45 gift ideas, including both physical items and experiences, for both kids and adults. This year, as you’re making your list and checking it twice, we want to encourage you to THINK LOCAL. There […]

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Winter Bucket List

After months of my kids being able to just run outside and play, I am starting to dread these next few months of cold that always seem to last forever. At this time of the year, I usually start to wonder how we are going to keep ourselves busy inside, but then I remember that […]

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2015 Madison Area Tree Farms

One of my favorite Christmas activities is cutting down our own tree. It’s so much fun to walk around looking at all the different trees before choosing “the one”. Many of these farms also offer special holiday activities like visits from Santa Claus, hayrides, hot chocolate and more, so visit their websites before you go! […]

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20 Holiday Traditions for Kids

Do you remember that magical feeling that you got as a child? That feeling that overtook you at the mere mention of Christmas? The anticipation of all the fun leading up to the big day and the countdown?! Every morning my sisters and I would rush out of bed and open a piece of chocolate […]

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The Beautiful Faces of Prematurity :: Then & Now

Prematurity (an adjective) is defined as occurring, arriving, or done too soon. And when referring to infants it is any baby who is born before 37 weeks of gestation. As a mother going into premature labor, it can feel helpless and scary. You might experience fear and desperation (to keep that baby in utero!) or if you are like me, there might […]

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Thankful Moms {Part 2}

Last week Laura and I shared some of what we, and other moms we know, are thankful for in our lives. With so much to be thankful for, but so little time to think about it, we wanted to spur on some of those good thoughts by sharing more thankfulness from more moms. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving […]

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