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A Letter to Our “Village”

In my short four years as a mother, I have often been both humbled by and grateful for the unexpected support I have seen from my community. When my husband recently suffered multiple fractures in his leg, our community helped our family in ways we never expected. Parenthood truly takes a village; and I am […]

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Delivery Packing 101

As my 2nd pregnancy is close to the end and I am progressively waddling at this point, I realize I need to pack my hospital bag before it’s too late. It has been 3 years since I had do this and I have learned from what I over packed or mistakenly didn’t pack the first […]

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How to Connect with Your Partner Through Differences

There comes a point in a relationship or marriage when it dawns on you that your partner is actually much different from you. This realization often comes when you begin living together in domestic bliss…or maybe…scratch the bliss part. I remember when my husband and I got our first tiny one-bedroom apartment together and our […]

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Photo by Josh Stanz

She Will Be Worth It

We all have one. A moment from our past we wish we could return to. Not to necessarily re-live it, but to give our younger selves a message…. a word of encouragement, advice or to share some of the “if I knew then what I know now” wisdom that we gather as life soars by. […]

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Photo Credit: Tara Kuhlow Photography

To the Baby I’ll Never Have

This past weekend we hosted our very first garage sale, with tables stacked to the brim of old snow boots, outgrown hats and mittens, swaddle blankets, teeny little onesies pronouncing “Daddy’s Girl” or “Beautiful like Mommy”…Silly, of course, but each itsy bitsy piece a precious reminder of how quickly time passes. I cried. It was […]

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Our Favorite Breakfast Spots in Madison

From greasy spoons to trendy cafes, here are some of our favorite breakfast spots in Madison! Graze 1 S Pinckney Street Madison WI 53703 608.251.2700 Marigold 118 S Pinckney Street Madison WI 53703 608.251.2700 Mickie’s Dairy Bar 1511 Monroe St Madison, WI Manna Cafe 611 North Sherman Avenue Madison, WI 53704 The Egg and I […]

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New to Madison Dinner :: October 11, 2016

We are thrilled to announce our next quarterly dinner for moms who are new to the Madison area and who are looking to get out, make friends, learn about our city and get resources that may help! Our evening will include pizza from The Roman Candle Pizza, wine & of course dessert (everything is included in […]

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Chatbooks: Preserving Family Memories the Easy Way

Have you heard of Chatbooks? They are my new best friend! It is a product that from the moment I found it, I fell in love, and talked (incessantly) to everyone I know about my unending affection for it. You may think I’m being dramatic, HA, I totally am, but seriously they are amazing! There […]

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I Am That Mom…

Prior to having kids, my husband and I moved throughout our day as I saw fit. I never saw myself as a person that likes routine. I didn’t like things to feel predictable. Fast forward to motherhood, I have become that mom. Yes, I have become the mom that thrives off of schedules and routine […]

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Fall Fashion 2016

Sticky summer nights are melting into cool and crisp mornings as we welcome another autumn. But don’t pack away all those summer goodies yet, many of them can be transitioned into your fall wardrobe! Here are five fun looks for fall that are easy to put together and stylish yet practical, perfect for all your […]

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